Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night,  we braved the cold and went to a story telling evening with  friends Laurel and Annie. Laurel is a renowned anthropologist, world traveler and ardent book lover.  Having arrived early, Laurel found treasure tomes in the used bookstore. And thick, heavy tomes they were!

While we admired her keen eye for beautiful books, she reached into her small hand bag and pulled out an Original Women hand block printed Indian  eco-shopper. In the 3 seconds it took for the bag to fully unroll, she spontaneously started to list of all the reasons why she LOVES these bags. As the list lengthened and her enthusiasm mounted, her pace quickened and her eyes brightened, she illustrated her reasons with great tips on how she uses them.

We wish we had videoed the wonderful riff. So we've tried to capture the information, since we don't have her smile inducing delivery on video :

  1. They LOOK GREAT. No, they look really really great. I love the different patterns. I love that they are cotton. They look so much better than the nylon or recycled plastic bags.
  2. They are STURDY, hold a lot and heavy objects. They look deceptively small. I carry books all the time and these hold them really well. They are STRONG.
  3. They are LIGHT. I always have one with me. Look it was in this little bag ....
  4. They ROLL UP and can be carried everywhere. When I travel, I pack them in my carry on. After all the security checks, I pull it out, put in all the things I need on the long flights (or short) and don't have to reach into those over stuffed overhead bins.
  5. Since they are so light and EASY TO PACK, they are GREAT GIFTS to bring when traveling. Especially long distances requiring many flights.They've gone to Europe and Asia with me.
  6. MEN LIKE THEM !! My friends' husbands have appropriated their eco-shoppers AND USE THEM ALL THE TIME. Annie (a world traveler herself!!) piped in, yes, yes, my friends in Europe -- the men keep on taking them and using them. Every time I go, I have to bring more, just for the men!
  7. The woman at my local grocery store wouldn't let me leave without writing the web address for Original Women to buy one. And I never use any other bags when buying groceries. This bag is always with me.
  8. They are EASY TO CLEAN.  They can be washed in the washing machine.  I rotate two. And look I've had them for a few years now and look, look how good it looks!
What really warmed our "green" heart, is that these eco-shopping bags have become an integral part of Laurel's life. While we loved the other storytelling event, Laurel wins the prize!

The next time Laurel travels to do field work in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam or the grocery store, we hope she'll send us a photo of the bags in action!

Share your story or photo with us. We could use lots of heat warming this cold winter ....