Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HAITI One Year Later

Haiti hand carved river stone hearts
One year ago we were shocked by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. 

CARE has just created a web page with an update on the situation -- one million people need permanent homes, buildings are in ruins  and the cholera outbreak could become an epidemic. 

CARE's work has been community based, and inclusive:

" A year later, Haiti’s people still have tremendous needs; but an often overlooked need of the Haitian people (is)  meaningful participation in the rebuilding of their own country.  CARE’s staff, which is more than 95 percent Haitian, remains committed to giving all community members a strong voice in the recovery process, taking special care to assure the perspectives of women and girls are heard." 

This approach resonates with us.

And we continue to support CARE and HAITI.

While alone we cannot address the massive rubble clearing, reconstruction, and job creation needed on a large scale as described in Oxfam's recent report, we support reconstruction and rebuilding of artisan livelihoods. Heart by heart, we contribute to the artisan's efforts to sustain themselves.

From today through January 31, we will donate $3.00 from the sale of each of our carved Haiti Hearts to CARE and the HAND/Eye fund for artisans.

Won't you join us in our heartfelt  help for Haiti?