Friday, March 5, 2010

Earthquakes and REinvention

Earthquakes are shaking our planet and people in two countries are faced with literally rebuilding their foundations.

We are getting ready to go Washington DC to participate with CARE in the expo @ the More Magazine Reinvention Convention. There, women will gain new perspectives and be inspired to re-invent some aspect of their lives -- health, finances, career, family ....

Which is why we've been thinking a lot about REINVENTION again.

It requires us to look at aspects of our lives and our world that seem reliable and solid in a new way. The ground can literally disappear from under our feet.

It takes courage, flexibility and sometimes tenacity and resiliency.
It takes dedication and it is much easier with optimism and a sense of humor.

Reinvention is an ever-ongoing process.
Maybe it happens daily, in small ways.
Maybe it is evolution?

Maybe that is why when we look at the artistry of many of our artisans we are deeply inpsired. They create beauty out of discards, remnants and leftovers. And in each piece, we see the transformation. Their artistry presents us with a new of seeing.

And that is a beautiful gift that helps us to reinvent our world.