Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Saturday, November 17 is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, a day to support small businesses.

When we founded Original Women, we wanted to support small businesses around the world owned or run or that primarily employ women -- businesses where women have economic and creative opportunities to use their skills and geritage to improve their lives, families and communities.

One example is Lila in South Africa.

Lila, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the play of universal creativity', was started by designer Manya as a small textile handcraft project in South Africa working with disadvantaged women. Lila enables the team of dedicated crafters to change their lives while developing skills. "At Lila creativity finds expression through many hands; customers who love and appreciate our products and the heartfelt diligence and willingness of our crafters."

So if you become swept up in the shopping excitement this weekend, we hope you will support Original Women and in doing so you helping to sustain small businesses like Lila, all around the world.

We think that is worth getting excited about!