Monday, December 14, 2009


This year has been a year of change and challenge. And sometimes, changes which seem to be endings are really beginnings.

Recently, one of our favorite magazines - Domino -- closed. No more leafing through glossy pages filled with great, doable and real decorating ideas.

But now, Michelle Adams (formerly an editor at Domino) has co-founded LONNY (, an online lifestyle magazine filled with a passion for beauty in the home, in fashion and in life!.  A harbinger of the future of magazines, LONNY is like reading a magazine the old fashioned way, except it is on the web! And more personal, interactive and connective with links just a click away ...

Take their holiday gift guide for threefold gifts that benefit  the creator, the recipient and you! The Original Women white cutwork cotton and silk shawl is featured.

So check out the just published second issue of Lonny. We are sure you will agree with us, that out of a change, Lonny is a great new beginning of a new way of "printing" magazines!  We look forward to MANY more issues and wish LONNY great success.